Information on buying and renting

We’d like to give you more information on how to register and what you should be taking into account. In order to immerse yourself in the project details, the product, and the process so that you can consider buying an apartment, you can download the necessary documents on this page.


Registration for the for-sale apartments takes place online. Using the apartment search page, you can explore the various apartments along with their specifications and prices. You can filter by floor and orientation, as well as by price and size. If you’ve found an apartment that fits your needs, you can add it to your profile by clicking the star icon (marking it as a favourite). You can also rank your favourites.

We want to offer everyone a fair shot. That’s why there will be a lottery after registration has closed. The notary will determine a lottery list, based on everyone’s first preference. If your lot is drawn, we will contact you by phone within a week to schedule an appointment with a real estate agent. During this appointment, you will receive further information on the specific apartment or penthouse as well as the home-buying process. After this appointment you’ll have a week-long reflection period to decide whether you want to proceed with the purchase of the apartment or penthouse. After you have decided to buy, you will meet with the purchase advisor. That means the change order will be discussed after you have bought the apartment.

Register for an apartment in The Grid


Just because your lot is drawn does not mean you have bought the apartment. After the lottery, you will be invited to discuss a potential purchase option. This meeting does not commit you to anything. After this meeting, you can decide whether you want to take a purchase option. The option is valid for a week. After that, we’d like to know whether you are ready to sign a purchase and construction contract. If you are, we schedule a signing appointment. After signing, you have a few days to reflect. The purchase and construction contract only applies after that. You may express financial reservation. When these reservations have been resolved, you can go to the notary to complete the transfer.


No private sector rental apartments are available in Aan het IJ. For social housing rentals, contact Ymere.


It is wise to explore your financial options beforehand. Dissolving an agreement based on financing is unfortunate for all parties. Find out what kind of loan you can take out based on your income and any personal savings. Of course you can do this with the aid of a financial advisor at your bank, or a mortgage advisor. When buying a newly-built home, the deed-in-hand price includes all costs related to your purchase. This excludes your own financing costs and the costs associated with registering for a mortgage. Beyond that, you should take additional costs into account, such as wall finishes, flooring, and your own choices for your kitchen, bathroom(s) and toilet.